Difference between Google Apps and Zimbra

The difference between Google Apps and Zimbra will be the following:

1. 25GB per user vs you need to manage your own storage for zimbra

2. Hosting with 99.99 availability Vs you need to manage your own data center

3. No version upgrades or patches Vs you need to manage versioning and patching for zimbra server

4. Google Docs and Collaboration comes with Google apps

5. Video chat and audio chat inbuilt with google apps

Configuration settings for any email client to use google apps.

Configuration settings for any email client to use google apps.

You can forward this to her.

Incoming Mail (POP3) Server – requires SSL:

Use SSL: Yes
Port: 995

Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server – requires TLS or SSL:

smtp.gmail.com (use authentication)
Use Authentication: Yes
Port for TLS/STARTTLS: 587
Port for SSL: 465

Account Name:


Email Address:



your password

25GB Google Apps email storage is shared for video and sites?

No. 25GB is for the email.

Each of the other services have their own storage limit.

For example,

Video has Quota (per domain: 10Gb + 500Mb multiplied by the number of paid users) Doc has 1GB limit per user.

The additional storage is purely for Google Docs, picasa albums etc. and not for email.

Adding From addresses to your google apps account and changing your display name


Yes you can add customer From addresses to your account and change your display name from there, including your alias emails.

So as long as you authorize the other email, you can add it. And later on you can also add it to your outlook client.

But first you have to add it to from the web.

More details at http://mail.google.com/support/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=81375#

Gmail complains that the my standard signatory is too long

This is probably because you copied and pasted the signature from somewhere. For some formatted signature this error comes. To resolve this, logout and login and then create the signature by typing from scratch and format it. Don’t copy and paste.

More details available here. http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/gmail/thread?tid=6c106eb831e74d23&hl=en

How to change GMAIL password

These are the three ways you can reset your gmail password.

1. Using the secondary email address. (Only works if the secondary email was configured earlier)
2. Using the SMS recovery code. (Only works if this was enabled under account settings earlier)
3. using the security question.

All these is done from the same link https://www.google.com/accounts/recovery?service=mail

How long SMS is charged by mobile operators?

Normally one SMS is 160 characters. But modern phones support sending longer SMS. But the mobile operators will charge differently for longer SMS. This is how the longer SMS is charged.

For English only characters, the allowed limit is 153 for concatenated SMS and 160 for single SMS.

For Non-English characters, the allowed limit is 63 for concatenated SMS and 70 for single SMS.

If the message has both chinese and english, the whole message will have to be encoded as unicode and hence the 63 character limit applies.

Exact payload calculation based on characterset..

  • For 7-bit alphabet, 153 bytes payload (7 byte header/UDH)
  • For 16-bit/UTF 16, 63 bytes payload (7 byte header/UDH)

Error: Scan type is not set to [remote scanner] on the device

While trying to scan an image on your Canon Printer from your MF Toolbox, you may get this error and the scanning fails.

This means that you are trying to scan using your Wi-Fi connection from a remote laptop of PC which is not directly connected to the printer.

The canon printers are by default set to scan from the computer which is directly connected to the printer via USB cable. So you will have to change this setting to ‘Remote Computer’ and then you can scan using any other pc connected to your network.

To change this setting do the following:

1. Press [Scan].
2. Select <Remote Scanner> with up and down arrows, and then press [OK].
The machine is now waiting for scanning.
3. Retry scanning in the application or MF Toolbox.

Ruggear – Rugged phone in Singapore, Mustafa Centre

I have been hearing about this rugged phones for quite some time. I recently had a first hand experience at Mustafa Centre Singapore, which is selling these phones. They are branded ruggear phones. The features seem to be quite promising. As I was browsing through the phones at basement 2 at Musfata as I normally do every now and then, I saw a small fish tank in the middle of the phones counter.

This made me quite curious and was wondering what could a fish tank do in the midst of phones section. As I approached, I was shocked to see a phone was floating inside. The salesman confirmed that these are new phones that are floatable. Curious to know more, I found from him that there are other models of ruggear phones available there and some of the features are shock-proof, water-proof, barometer, GPS, Walkie Talkie, Dual Sim card, well the list continues.

Later I found that these ruggear phones can also be bought online in Singapore from Smart Source.

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